XenServer – XenServer 6.5 verfügbar!

XenServer 6.5 verfügbar!

Citrix hat den neuen XenServer 6.5 jetzt offiziell freigegeben:

Added features (Full List and Details: Release Notes)

  • 64-bit Control Domain Linux Kernel
  • Xen Project Hypervisor v4.4
  • In-memory Read Caching
  • SCSI UNMAP for LVM based Storage
  • Online LUN Expansion
  • Improved Performance
  • Greater vGPU Scalability
  • Re-introduction and Improvements to Workload Balancing

Updated Licensing Model

  • Standard Edition
    • entry level commercial offering
  • Enterprise Edition
    • premium offering, optimized for both server, desktop and cloud workloads. In addition to the Standard edition, it offers access to in-memory read caching, Dynamic Workload Balancing, GPU Virtualization (vGPU) with NVIDIA GRID, VMware vSphere to XenServer Conversion utilities, Intel Secure Measured Boot (TXT) and Export Resource Data
  • Desktop Edition
    • only available to customers who have purchased XenApp or XenDesktop; it includes all XenServer features previously available to XenApp or XenDesktop customers
  • Desktop+ Edition
    • only available to customers who have purchased the Platinum edition of XenApp or XenDesktop; in addition to the features available in the Desktop edition, it also includes access to in-memory read caching.


Direct Upgrade is is supported beginning with XenServer 6.0. Customers prior XenServer 6.0 must update to 6.2 before Upgrading.